Illinois department of labor – hourly minimum wage rates


Pursuant to Public Act 94-1072, new employees with less than 90 days of employment or employees under age 18 may be paid up to 50 cents less per hour.



When you sign up for health insurance, life insurance, a 401(k) or any other bank or investment account, you are required to list a beneficiary to receive the proceeds should you pass away. Oftentimes, people fill out the form and move on, perhaps even forgetting about which beneficiary is on which account. Life changes such as birth, marriage, and death are inevitable. And when changes occur, your current beneficiary choices may need to be updated.


It is highly recommended that you review your beneficiaries on at least an annual basis. It is also wise to designate contingent beneficiaries who will inherit the assets in question should the primary beneficiaries precede you in death. Without living beneficiaries, your assets may be transferred to your estate where state law could determine who receives it. The presumption that the heirs named in your will should receive any proceeds could be challenged as beneficiary designations may supersede your will.


While updating your beneficiary forms, be sure to also look at other critical, but often forgotten, documents such as power of attorney, health care proxy, and safe deposit co-signer. By keeping your beneficiary designations and all estate planning documents current, you and your family can have greater peace of mind that loved ones are protected.


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